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A.Free standing punching bag. MODEL X35BK.



Model number: X35BK.

. Free standing punching bag.

 . All height : 175cm.

. Diameter of base: 62cm.

. Diameter of main bag : 35cm.

. Material of bag surface : PU leather.

. Material of base: polyethylene.

. Base filled with water: 115kgs, sand: 160kgs.

. Every unit two cartons:

. A carton size: 46*25*106cm, G.W 18kgs.

. B carton size: 62*62*58cm, G.W 10KGS.


  • Adjustable height.
  • Strong spring for durabbility.
  • It can strike without gloves.
  • Rounded for easy relocation to any placy.
  • Flexible construction allows quick rebound.
  • Inner are made of high strength urethane foam.
  • More realistic training for a variety of techniques.
  • More striking surface area for body shot training as well as kicks.
  • It does not fall down when beaten and kicketd by any force or strength.